historic apalachicola florida

About HCA

historic apalachicola exteriorApalachicola Center for History, Culture & Art (HCA) is housed in a wonderfully restored 1830's cotton warehouse. This warehouse looks over the beautiful Apalachicola River and Estuary. The 5000 square foot facility features a first floor exhibit gallery and a beautiful second story studio and lecture hall.

Apalachicola Center for History, Culture & Art offers regional and national artist exhibits, events, films, lectures, art classes, workshops, cultural events and programs. Historic events and programs are held here yearly. HCA also offers a rotating local Apalachicola history exhibit display to educate visitors about the unique history of Apalachicola.

Many artist workshops and programs are offered in the surrounding community, taking full advantage of the incredible scenery, natural resources and maritime culture.

Artists from across the world come to Historical Apalachicola to paint and to create. The natural light and authenticity of the area is like no other place. Apalachicola Center for History, Culture & Art is Located at 86 Water Street in Historic Downtown Apalachicola.