4th of July Event at the Apalachicola Center of Art and History

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November 16: Apalach Chalk Art Festival 2019  12pm-3pm
Second annual Apalach Chalk Art Festival will be held at Riverfront Park. $5 for chalk and a section of sidewalk for artists to create their chalk masterpieces. All ages are welcome, each age group will be judged and winners will be awarded. Music, food and fun will surround the artists and on-lookers for the second year in a row.

Participating artists will use a 5’x5’ square of concrete sidewalk at Riverfront Park. Each artist will pay $5 for a bundle of chalk and a square of the sidewalk, up to 3 squares may be purchased but only 1 bundle of chalk will be given.   Artists are encouraged to bring their own chalk and supplies such as professional chalks and pastels, spray bottles, towels, etc. to create their artwork.  The participants may bring items for inspiration and use in the creation, but chalk must be the prominent medium in the artwork. Beginning at 12PM, artists will have 2.5 hours to complete their artwork. At 2:30pm, the artwork will be judged and the winners will be announced at 3PM.
Each age group winners and will receive a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place award.
The age groups are (0-5) (6-10) (11-14) (15-19) (Adult)

The goal of this festival is to provide an event for budding artists, professional artists, and youth to display their talents in the form of sidewalk chalk paintings. This is an opportunity for families and artists from our surrounding communities to be part of a creative event that celebrates art and our community. Apalach Chalk Fest 2019 will be complete with T-shirts, food vendors, snow cones, music, face painting and more!!


  • Each drawing must remain within the designated square area.
  • No spray fixatives may be used.
  • Participants are allowed to bring their own chalk and supplies.
  • Only one box of chalk will be provided for each participant.
  • Drawing on buildings, trees or any surfaces other than assigned squares is not permitted.
  • The primary design of a square must be created in chalk.
  • No materials may be used that emit offensive odors or cause potential annoyances to other artists or festival guests.
  • Three-dimensional elements may be incorporated into square designs. These must not exceed the square area, cannot exceed 2 feet in height and must be removed by the artist no later than 5 p.m.
  • The festival is a family event. Any artwork that contains nudity, profanity or other content deemed inappropriate by festival officials will be removed.
  • Participants must be present to collect the awarded prize.
  • Judges or festival officials can disqualify artists for failure to adhere to any of the above guidelines.





Clyde Butcher Exhibit "Florida Landscapes"
October 12- November 20


Clyde Butcher is a large format black-and-white camera photographer known for wilderness photography of the Florida landscape.
This exhibit was rescued from Blountstown Community Center after Hurricane Michael and is on permanent loan to HCA from Clyde Butcher.