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Theresa Grillo Laird Exhibit & Workshop:

Theresa Grillo Laird Exhibit "Southern Trails" April 3rd-30th


Theresa Grillo Laird workshop- April 16-18- From Inspiration to Finish!

Identifying, developing and refining your idea for landscape painting to bring a painting from concept to completion

This 3 day workshop is perfect for all level of painters seeking clarity and focus to create stronger paintings!

Have you ever found yourself endlessly pushing paint around, trying in vain to recapture the idea that initially excited you? So have I, and I can show you a way out of that frustrating dilemma. In this workshop you will

-learn how to discover and define your concept

- develop a dependable step by step process to help refine and strengthen your idea

-gain the confidence of knowing your way forward at every point

On day one, participants will take photos, sketch and make small color studies in the field. Day 2 and 3 we’ll work indoors drawing from these materials to develop a finished painting.

I instruct in oils, but you can use whatever paints you are comfortable with. A suggested supply list is below. Bring your paints and sketching materials, a sketchbook, a means to take photos, small painting panels for quick studies, one larger panel 8x10- 14x18, and if you have one, a tablet or laptop to review your photos.

Suggested Supply list

-Ultramarine blue, and cobalt or a green blue like thalo or Prussian

- Permanent red medium (Rembrandt), or napthol red or cadmium red light or medium, and alizarin crimson or quinacridone magenta ( Windsor and Newton)

-Cadmium lemon yellow ( not generic lemon yellow) or cadmium yellow light, and Cadmium yellow medium or yellow ochre

An earth red like red ochre or transparent red oxide

A small assortment of long handles brushes in different sizes. Flats and filberts are most useful plus a small round for drawing the initial composition and perhaps though not necessary, a rigger. Don’t bring worn out or paint- encrusted brushes.

Odorless thinner for cleaning brushes and 2 containers to hold about ¾ to a cup full

portable easel, paper towels, small garbage bags, gloves to work in if preferred, sun block, bug spray, a hat with a brim to shield your eyes outdoors


"QUANTA": An Exhibit by Dave Levick
May 1-29

This exhibit studies the patterns of organic energy (light) and crystalline shapes defined by wave and field boundaries of the naturally occurring fractions of the cube & sphere.

A special presentation and field trips for students are being planned. More details to come.